Heather Amszi here. I am a dedicated and creative Art Director who has culminated a successful career creating innovative concepts alongside creatives and executives alike. My father was great influencer growing up. He taught me to use power tools, bake cheesecake, and, among other things, basic automotive repair. This transferred beautifully into my artistic pursuits as I work on the front lines of creation; using my past expertise to make art that matters. In 2018, Special, a film of which I production designed was awarded Best Film and Audience Favorite at 48 Hour Film Project, and subsequently awarded Best Experimental Film for my work on the short film, Prufrock, at the California Women’s Film Festival, which gave me further courage to push my narrative forward. I have been lucky enough to direct concept art with many large scale and multicultural companies, such as Trail Mix Films (client list features Youtube, Google), Triage Entertainment (client list features Food Network), Even/Odd Films (client features Adobe), and and many more. Throughout my career, I have been implicitly entrusted by producers and development professionals alike to use my point of view to assist their design initiatives and many projects. As I look into the future, my biggest hope is to continue to work on projects that successfully encapsulate my own passion as well as drive to bring others visions to life.